The next generation ipods

6 09 2007

So bossman Steve Jobbs unveiled the new lineup of updated ipods today in San Francisco.  The coolest things I think are the new Nano is more square shaped and supports video playback, and the new I-touch is the replacement for the full size video ipod.  This thing has the same case design and glass touch screen that the iphone has, it dosnt support voice communications but is wi-fi enabled and comes with Safari and a new download direct from itunes store feature, so you can load this ipod without having to dock it on your computer.  This baby is rolling out at $399 nationwide.

8g iphone dropped to $399 today with this rollout promotion, Apple is definatly gearing up for a big 4th quarter.  This should be a holiday of dancing headphone commercials, and other manufacturers bitching about how hard it is to be competitive in the mp3 market thanks to Steve Jobbs and the rest of the volkswagon driving, sushi eating, liberals in Washington State.  Tip of my hat to Apple.

If this thing has the feel of the iphone im really excited about it.




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