Quit your life and go back to school

1 10 2008

Tyler Durden says that “Its only after we lost everything that were free to do anything”

Yes, thats what I did.  A few steps falling backward, to make a big step forward.

Sounds more poetic than what it really is I can assure you.  One day my wife came home and simply said “its over”  After Five years together.  I had moved hundreds of miles from home, sold off all my assets, and dropped out of my sophomore year of college, so she could take a federal job in DC.

With more in common with the Beverly Hillbillies, than Legally Blonde, the transition to Washington was a move all it’s own.  Every material possession in the back of a Uhaul 535 miles over the rainy mountain roads of West Va.  Leaving the green suburbs of Lexington to a 1 bedroom apartment on Massachusetts ave. overlooking Chinatown.  Two 23 year olds and one surly cat, inside 650 sq. feet.  We were greeted by the panhandlers every time we walked into or out of the lobby of the apartment building, at least two loud motorcades went by in any evening, I was a long way from home.

Months turned into years, and new friends came into the picture, almost all of which I still talk to.  As time went on I had learned to love the District, my habbit of driving back to Ky every month had ended.  Home is where you make it, and the experiences and quality of life the city has to offer is as unique as it is awesome.  Perfectly happy, oblivious to the fact that our settled way of life was getting ready to get blown to hell.  When all your expectations and life as you know it ends, the series of decisions you make next will dictate how you will come out of the situation.

Here’s what I did:

Move uptown to Adams Morgan, way fucking better than the ghetto, Georgetown wannabe known as Chinatown.  I moved into an efficency on Calvert street beside the Rock Creek Park.  I knew many of my neigbors and got to enjoy the cafes and shopped locally in my neighborhood.  The strip of entertainment was only a short stroll across the Duke Ellington bridge onto the top of 18th street where you are greeted or maybe horrified of the scene that unfolds.  20-30 bars, with resturaunts stuck in between in converted old rowhouses that are painted at series of pastel colors.  People of EVERY nationality running amuck in drugged and drunken debachary, it was glorious.  You could look over and be drinking beside the entire staff of Senator “moral majority”, or notice which interns have been to the bathroom seven times an hour.  The drug fueld atmosphere and the phenomenon that the eclectic collection of awesome people in Adams Morgan can only truely be expericed first hand.  The revelers stay very well liquored up, and the row of bars made ANY night of the week look like Mardis Gras.

Drunken crazyness was not always present in that neighborhood.  During the day it is the network of shops, jobs, and stores, residents use daily.  There are schools, gas stations, and offices, come to think of it I dont recall any churches being very nearby.

Living on my own as a bachelor in DC for a year, helped get my self esteem back.  I had a great job doing what I loved, but still was not satisfied.  I didnt like making someone else rich, while working for a percentage of my own profit.  So one day after much deliberation I said FUCK IT.  Im going back to college, I found that glass ceiling, it was everywhere, I knew that a piece of diploma paper was supposed to minimalize this.  Why not go back to the University of Kentucky?  Finish where I started.

So now as Im typing this fine polished turd, I wonder when I graduate next semester will I actually feel complete?  WIll a diploma bring a cynical asshole happyness?  I have learned alot about myself and dont think I could have left the commission sales business at any better time.  I was a poor student filing 0’s on tax returns a year before this terrible economic cloud-o-shit settled on top of the American economy and started raining turds.  My friends whom have graduated since I’ve been back are having near-impossible times finding a place in the workforce.  I wonder if I am to face the same fate this coming May?

The bottom line is: If you shave everyday and don’t age too badly you can manage to walk to class in a crowd of 300 19 year olds and they wont know your acually 30.  I’ve been practicing my moonwalk across the graduation stage, and I sadly realize that nobody except the faculty will know what the fuck I’m doing.




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