What the Hell are you writing McCain?

16 10 2008

In all three debates you scratch down notes while Obama is talking;  Its as predictable as you calling the audience “friends.”  You sit awkwardly in your seat while fumbling with a Sharpie and legal pad.  Did you forget you have at least 10 people backstage writing down everything you say? What brilliant flash of recollection comes over you that compels you to feverishly scribble?

We can hear the Sharpie in Obama’s microphone while he’s responding to your half-assed accusations that lately have been ending with an:  “I can prove it too!”

We (your friends) have observed you take notes with all the grace of a southpaw with a broken wing.  You scratch around with your Sharpie while trying to keep three or four pages from blowing under the a/c.  Its an annoying distraction when the other candidate is talking.  Perhaps you might try winking at the moderator.  It wont provide you with a record of your Eureka moments, but it would really inject some change in an otherwise mundane debate. Quit jerking around and spend your last public campaign money on a trip home (choose between any of your 13 homes) and call it a season.

You did your best considering your friend and incumbent president made sure no Republican will get back in that office for at least 8 years. He will be remembered as the worst ever and no rational republican really wants to follow that act.

The Heritage Foundation did it’s best, stand down Lieutenent and let the better man take the helm.  Support the new President from your Congressional seat and use all your know-how to fix the eastern end of Pennsylvania ave.




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