republican watch day 2

14 11 2008

Just when you thought the party in-fighting was almost over, the republican train wreck pulled up stakes and went to Florida.  The hanging chad state is hosting the republican governor’s convention where the great white hope of the party, Caribou Barbie, gave her first press conference.   She started answering reporter’s questions off the cuff and without supervision before Texas governor, Rick Perry, lunged out in front of her and shut it down.  The Sarah Palin appearance brought over 200 reporters to the conference, and Perry is the reason she was limited to 4 questions.  Since Palin became the “lipstick” on the traditionally bland turd sandwich known as the republican party, the surviving party elites don’t enjoy playing second fiddle to her on the national stage.  One might even get the impression she is the party’s official spokesperson, and candidate for 2012.

The interruption is at 7:00 minutes, the first 6:59 are pretty painful.  Enjoy the tension.

Huckleberry McFly, a contributor for the blog ShanksandPraise, has a post on the most outrageous republican antic of the week.  Steve Lipski, republican councilman from New Jersey, was attending a Ratdog concert at the 9:30 club in Washington DC, where he urinated off the second story balcony and onto concert goers in a drunken stupor.  Lipski was charged with assault, and the crowd was, you guessed it, pissed.  A spokesman for the club had this to say:

“‘He was very drunk… We’ve dealt with this man before… He’s never peed on anybody, but he gets really belligerent and drunk.”

The NY Daily News added:

He said he was out with his two closest friends and that the drink was his first in two years.

He apologized to “everyone who has been affected by this mess,” including his wife, the Jersey City mayor, the students at the charter school he founded – and even his “fellow Dead Heads.”

Lipski, who was met with hugs and pats on the back at City Hall, at first told friends that he had simply spilled a drink at Nightclub 9:30. Lipski said he met with Jersey City Mayor, Jerramiah Healy, and did not plan to resign.  Frank Scalcione, 43, who is running for a seat in a ward near Lipski’s, urged him to reconsider.  “Quit. You can’t handle the job. There has to be accountability,” he said. “It’s sad for the city.”

The textbook example of yellow journalism has long been the The National Enquirer.  Their timely coverage of Elvis sightings and three-headed alien babies leaves other supermarket tabloids a week behind.  Before I cite anything they claim, I want to remind you they were the people who exposed the extramarital affair of ambulance chaser John Edwards.  He denied it, but the allegations turned out to be true.  The latest National Enquirer allegedly has photos of the losing 1st lady, Cindy McCain, smooching with someone other than her husband. Cindy’s side action is purported to resemble“a washed-up ’80s rock musician” and the pair has been seen together in Phoenix, Arizona, one of the eleven places the McCain’s call home.  Admittedly this story could be complete bull, its a possibility he’s just her pharmascist.




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16 11 2008

Every time I listen to Palin talk, I get an irresistible urge to rewatch “Fargo”.

23 12 2008

Oh, Doncha Know

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