Taking on the System “

20 12 2008
cover art

cover art

From the hugely popular blog Daily Kos author Markos Moulitsas brings you his second book.  Taking on the System is the follow up to his 2006 novel Crashing the Gate:the rise of netroots, grassroots, and the rise of people-powered politics.    This should be a handbook for every progressive thinker in America.  If your at your family’s holiday celebration and you have that annoying conservative uncle who LOVES Bill O’Reilly, read this for ammunition before dinner.  This is a quick read but enjoyable, better written than his first book, each chapter has a series of small stories that flow easily and are filled with interesting factoids even the most politically savvy progressives might not be aware of.  Did I mention its a quick read?  So quick in fact you could finish it in one sitting and manage to write a book report the same day for a college professor.

Taking on the System is similar to Crashing the Gate but the story telling aspect of it makes it much more enjoyable to read.  The author presents a clear argument for bloggers and the personal responsibility we share to look out for our fellow man’s best interest.  It is a call to action for those who wield the power of a blog, to be watchdogs that hold the mainstream media accountable for the liberty they take with stretching reality.

My guess is, there are thousands-hundreds of thousands, in fact-out there just like me. Tired of accepting a backseat. Tired of feeling powerless and voiceless. Tired of the squalid state of our public affairs. And at heart, more than ready, willing, and able to take on the system.

Markos Moulitsas

Taking On The System pg. 272

Celebra Press

The focus of the power of a gatekeeper is a big part of the first part of the book.  It uses the Heritage Foundation as an example for what a mouthpiece for a party should function like.

“Heritage computers are stocked with the names of over 3,500 journalists, organized by specialty.  Every Heritage study goes out with a synopsis to those who might be interested; every study is turned into an op-ed piece, distributed by the Heritage Features Syndicate, to newspapers that wish to publish them.  Heritage has two state-of-the-art television studios in its offices.  Its Lehrman Auditorium is equippecd with an advanced communications system for live feeds to TV and radio networks.  Heritage provides lawmakers and talk show guests with colored index cards stating conservative positions in pithy phrases on every imaginable issue.”

Markos Moulitsas

Taking On The System pg. 46

Celebra Press

Why don’t we have one of these think tanks?  A slick operation ran like a business and hires the best and brightest progressive minds.  One of the long time  Democrat curses is that they don’t pay nearly as well as the Republicans do.  The Dems will work an unpaid intern like a full time employee, with little compensation.  One of Moulitsas main points in Crashing the Gate was that the Democrats need to start paying a competitive rate to compete for talent that the republicans are trying to hire.  Perhaps George Soros would back a state-of-the-art Liberal think tank and equip everyone with Iphones and Mini Coopers to spread the Liberal gospel.

The bottom line is networking and communication is essential to dissemination of information to like minded individuals, whether your running a campaign, or only taking a stand on the issues.  Be informed, be savvy, and gather as much information as you can to make your own decisions, the intellectual is back in style.




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