The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

20 12 2008
cover art

cover art

Joe Trippi is the former campaign manager for Howard Dean in 2004 he is the man responsible for turning politics on its ear, with arguably the earliest implementation of the netroots movement.  The Dean campaign started with 400 odd followers with less than $100,000 in the campaign coffers.  By the Democratic primaries in 2004 he had millions of followers and over 50 million dollars in contributions.  This little known former Lt. Governor of Vermont made his name/face/scream famous by the end of 2004, and did it with the first webroots based campaign in history.

Joe Trippi’s modern approach to political stumping was recognized as THE future of politics to come.  By building a network of registered Democrats starting with addresses and phone numbers he started the first updated voter lists in a century.  The practice of studying credit card buying habits the party was able to better reach its target voters.  Campaign messages could be personalized to a slate of voters in a certain geographical region, by customizing the message you spend less campaign dollars and manpower.  The Trippi model of centralizing policy making authority while letting campaign voulenteers share open source type information do the ground work for you.

Be first, build a community, and cede control to your supporters is the new Trippi model.




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