Helection Daze live from the Chocolate City (with a white center of corruption)

4 11 2008

The morning after:

The first real problems I faced as an E-journalist were the mechanical constraints unique to the job. I have an older laptop that needs wall-power to function, and wifi. I am curently poor, so a Sprint connect card is out of the question.  The only backup connection to the system of tubes is my outdated Blackberry which is worthless to get a blog post up. I did manage to use a friend’s spanking new Blackberry to edit blogs but no practical way to enter new text. To be a part of the celebration or even close by would have required a squatted out a spot to try and hold my ground. There was no real practical way to blog, party, and keep from getting hugged. Facebook has crept to a stop.  It will take the next few days to sort out what really happened and for the magnitude of the win to sink in.  I decided to honk the Honda dead-bird horn at anybody with an Obama sticker.  In 500 miles there were only 5.  3 of them were LL Bean dressed people in Subarus in the mountains of West Va.  The peace sign is back in style.


11:00 p.m.

The hippies in the bar stink of patchouli and cloves. The shitters are overflowing, and they are out of Bud, Yeungling, and PBR but everyone is happy. On to the premium import beers- 4 Heinkinans were handed to me inside 10 minutes. This is a completely different environment in the city versus what I witnessed in 2004. Stoned from the win, it feels right. It just feels good to win a good fight. No matter how bad the next few years might prove to be, at least OUR guy won the damn thing.  When Kentucky went red first, I was walking back into Angels and was booed, accosted, and harassed by several people as soon as I walked into the door.  A rumor went around that my date had voted for McCain, turned out to be McConnell but she was forced to explain that story to this liquored-up bunch of Liberals.


A 4ft tall Trinidadian just messed up my hair in celebration, this guy is all over the place. Turns out he’s been canvassing central Virginny for Obama for the past six months and he personally feels responsible for the win. Other canvassers and people who worked for the party all claim “they did it” but not in a selfish sense, more like they hug everyone in their path. “100% fivers” is Obama canvasser speak for give me a way up high five. A lot of people in these bars must have worked for the campaign. When the Saints come marching in is being played by a brass band in front of an Ethiopian restaurant, and a girl is dancing on the hood of a DCPD cop car. And the cops have not maced, beat, or put shiny bracelets on her yet.


A friend and canvasser from the Shaw neighborhood celebrated all the way home on the sidewalk from 18th street with “100% fivers” stopped and hugged cops, hippies, and other revelers. A car broke down in the U street corridor and several people pushed it uphill 5 blocks to a service station; I doubt this would have happened on any other night.


8:00 p.m.

From Tryst in Adams Morgan.  Places with wifi in DC are getting scarce, if you need a power outlet and a spot to sit that is.  The rain outside has pushed people indoors. Fifteen others sit around me with computers; some of them are live blogging.  All the tv’s on the strip are tuned to CNN while Wolf Blitzer speculates on the numbers.


The CNN score is currently 77-good guys, and 34 for the Sith.

Faux News claims 81-Dems, 39-gop

Abc news 102 to 34.

The scores are pretty close. The small spike in Faux’s projections are no doubt a direct reflection of their right-wing bias; truth is neither fair nor balanced. No matter how rowdy this neighborhood gets, we all need to keep in mind that it ain’t over til it’s over.

The McConnell race is under close scrutiny by the locals. My proof reader (HA!) Nurse Lari has come under fire for admitting a vote for Mitch.  Everyone knows he’s the only opposition to our potentially filibuster -proof majority in Congress.

More to come.

11:00 a.m.

Pick your poison: Blue Bama Slama, the Barocks, The Chosen One, or maybe a Yes We Can shooter. This is part of tonight’s special drink menu at Angles Bar & Billiards on 18th St. All these drinks are blue in color; special recipes by bartender and bar-rat extraordinaire Sully O’Sullivan. Don’t call the DCPD wagon outside a “Paddy-wagon”, the good Irish take offense. Angles has been traditionally known as a writers bar. Freelance writers, op-ed guys, and a few local sports writers call this place home. If Hemingway and Faulkner were alive, they could bore one another to death while drinking themselves into an illitirated, ignorant, inebriated stupor.

The owner of the bar, Patrick, has great photos of Afghanistan.  He shot them while covering the Soviet invasion from the mountains in the tribal areas. If you get a chance to have a drink with Patrick, ask him about his time in the mountains. He will also explain why he smokes his cigarettes between his ring and middle finger, a trick learned from the Afghans to ward off hunger pangs.

Angles always has better than average election result coverage, highlighted by drinking games. Bingo cards with Bushisms were handed out, and when W said “terror” or “evil” the bar stood up, repeated the word and took a drink. That game got expensive quick.

10:00 a.m.

Blogging from one of the hundred Starbucks in DC. No free net access; forced to buy day pass and give up fake info to prevent the corp. from knowing which of their overpriced menu items I prefer. They do have the awesome sausage/egg/cheese buns in the mid-atlantic region that we don’t have in Lexington. I would sign a petition to get those into the bluegrass market.


Dear Mr. Obama

30 10 2008

Hello, my name is redacted.

I have been a fan of yours since you were the junior Senator from Illinois.  I’m a Washingtonian originally from Kentucky.  When I moved to the district in 2004 I rented a flat at the Meridian on Mass avenue, one of the original two new highrises built in the chinatown/gallery place redevelopment.  Residents were buzzing around telling one another that Barack Obama got an apartment upstairs, and we were very proud.  The Meridian had its share of other celebrities, the Wizards team doctor, Shamiqua Holtzclaw, and a couple rappers nobody really heard of; but day the white knight of the Democratic party moved in upstairs, we were in the tank.

We didn’t really see you much because you guys were currently getting served by the republicans on the hill.  Nsa wiretaps, gitmo, cia leaks, they were running away with the country in the name of national security.  The golden days of Bill were gone and Washington was sad and locked down tight.  Barriers of all sorts went around all kinds of buildings, it seemed like any office that was property of the people was off limits via armed guards and blast walls.  Security is undoubetly important, but it almost gave the appearance of marshal law.  We assumed the Bush family would be in for two terms since they had that really effective nationalist approach of keeping people scared.  Kerry was no candidate, and Edwards is an ambulance chaser.

On election night 2004 my friends and I were at the 9:30 club at the Rock the Vote party.  The crowd was full of ambitious progressive young dems hoping to get the worst president ever out of office.  Big tubs of campaign on ice were waiting in the hallway for the moment Ohio would turn blue on the bigscreen.  We fell silent around 2 am when it turned solid red.  A few people actually cried.  It was a tough loss to take, and going home felt like the walk of shame.  Loud republican motorcades were all over the city late that night and It was hard to sleep.

Over the course of the next few days the buzz was that you were suiting up to run in the primary next time around, and that gave us hope.  Hope that somebody would fix the mess and vacate bush policy.  Hope the next president would actually be “OF” the people and “FOR” the people.  Not a rich businessman or a chump that married any heiress.  We wanted a guy who went to the gym at Wash Sports Center Chinatown, and ran his ass off on those stair climbing machines.  If I had went to the gym more often instead of watching daily show reruns I could have worked out with Barack Obama.  You really did a good job of acting normal despite everybody in the gym is looking at you.  No SS troops to keep people from saying hello, when people approached you always said “hello.”  That’s one of the reasons I’m such a fan, you always spoke to me and one once loaned me a quarter at the Gatorade machine because I was short.  Definitely in the tank.

I stopped going to that gym but have told the story many times.  Currently I am a student at the University of Kentucky, I had to leave Washington for a couple years but am moving back when I graduate.  I know most people are having a hard time finding work due to the current economic situation, but if Washington is under democratic control things will improve. I would like to do PR for candidates, maybe become someones press secretary.  Perhaps you could direct me to someone that needs help and actually pays.

You have a big week ahead of you.  You have ran a very honest and sincere campaign and have done a better than average job of explaining what the plan is.  People follow you when you talk, perhaps its the law prof in you, but it works.  This morning on the way to class some people found a chickenshit redneck display of social ignorance, it was a dummy with an Obama mask hanging from a tree.  The school president got all hot and bothered over it and is offering a personal apology to you and your family.  He would really like to tell you in person if the situation warranted.  Frankly I think a speaking engagement at the university would be a wise idea, you haven’t came to Kentucky a single time since you announced your run.  I understand our 8 votes usually turn red weeks before a presidential election, but this place is greatly misunderstood and we have lots of swing voters.  Our voters will vote for a yellow dog democrat if you prop him up, just not usually for a presidential election.  However it could still earn you an extra slate of voters, and send a big “F-you” to the morons that hung up the dummy.

I wish you luck and pray for a fair election.  Please repair the extensive damage done in the past eight years.  You do realize you will have two wars, possible cold war, deficit, bad economy, and shitty traffic around the beltway to deal with before your term would even start.  Don’t forget you are the white knight, and we have very high hopes.  Madeye Moody says “Constant Vigilance” and thats good advice for anybody.  If you win it will show real progress in America, the kind that makes us proud to be Americans again.

Come to Kentucky, I owe you a quarter


Crashing the Gate, the impact of webroots organization

23 10 2008

This book was first printed in February 2006, during the peak of the Bush administration’s failed policies.  Public opinion was at an all time low following the collapse of government response during hurricane Katrina.  The authors admit they are mad as hell about the current state of the country, and the republican led bush administration.  This was also addressed to the failed campaign of John Kerry to take back the white house.  The book is essentially a critique on bad habits and bad ideas of the old guard of the Democratic party.  It should be considered a how-to instruction manual for the DNC and all future campaigns.  Democrats must have taken note, because the current Obama campaign is a great example of the methods suggested by Armstrong and Moulitsas.  Obama’s has used technology to dominate in the polls on the Democratic ticket.  They emphasize internet based campaigns and their effectiveness.  Technology improves every month, and Obama’s people have been keeping up pace. There is only a few weeks before the 2008 election, and reflecting on the ideas of Armstrong and Moulitsas, the Dems have came together as a unified party headed to the White House.  Smart campaigning from the roots up this time has given way to the mainstream acceptance of Obama as President.  This must be partially due to his successful online networking.

The book addresses the underlying problems within the Democratic party and how bad strategy looses elections. But before we address specifics we need to recognize the components of today’s Democrats. This “catch all” party consists of so many self serving, single issue voters, that it’s the definition of factional politics.  The subsequent inner-party fighting weakens our national voice.  We may be the party of Roosevelt, but our lack of a common platform is the hole in our bucket.  We are made up of several smaller groups of people.  Feminists, environmentalists, peace activists, gay rights advocates, minority groups, Hippies, and hockey moms.  We are a party of citizen interest groups.  We often lack a common denominator to be united in our campaigns.  Unfortunately we must exist in a two party system, there is no practical way to create a new party, we must work with what we have.

The authors are progressive watchdog bloggers who have a huge reader base.  They have watched their party loose the last few elections and became proactive instead of bitter.  Initially they  examine the first six years of the Bush administration’s failed policies.  Explaining how this further divided our country and harbored resentment by voters. Many were still brooding over the 2000 election when they lost again in 2004. We have since watched our country “go so far right we don’t even recognize it.” The recent economic panic is rightfully being dropped in the lap of the republican party. We have high unemployment and rising costs of goods, all of this coupled with stagflation among the middle class has led to a calls for action.

There are several hotly contested Senate races next month and many republican Senators are in danger of losing their seats to democratic challengers. Anyone tied to the Bush White House is tainted and seen by many as part of the problem. John McCain’s presidential bid has been accurately framed by the national media and netroots groups as another 4 years of failed Bush policy. Never before has the incumbent party had to campaign against their own in a general election. Traditionally the incumbent president helps campaign for his party’s nominee; the RNC and McCain have made a conscience effort to avoid Bush, whom wasn’t even present at the republican national convention.

Politicians have been trying to earn the youth vote since George McGovern was running against the Nixon Youth.  Liberal democrats are always expected to turn out in droves from college campuses across the country to swing the momentum of the election.  They never came.

Until now the youth vote has been a fantasy hope that has yet to deliver substantial results, or have any real effect on the outcome.  The medium of internet has actually brought college students to the forefront of this years election.  A real webroots movement has picked up momentum and brought the democratic party together and energize the base.  Young Dem meetings have given students an equal platform and an effective medium to make their voices heard. Even though moral was down the mindset is that It must get better.

By 2006 the Republicans were going down in flames amid gay sex scandals, and frustration over the war.  In the midterm elections Dems took back the House and Senate, while we watched the swift boat ads and John Kerry destroy his election hopes. Dick Chaney claimed that voting for a Democrats would trigger another terrorist attack. Months before Bush’s reelection there was some outlandish talk about postponing the elections until the war stabilized.

In the past six months we have seen the Obama campaign utilize virtually every available technology to connect with voters. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Second Life, Iphone applications, blogs. As the list of emerging technologies grows, they have become the new way of reaching voters. This transition from the old way of internet and its impersonal web forums of the 90’s is dead technology. The social networking sites allow for two way communication between friends, and create a good base for a candidate. The book explains that only utilization of all available technologies will help get the party back in the hands of the people. Armstrong and Moulitsas credit Howard Dean with starting the webroots movement, and building an online following. Campaign donations that were sent in from private individuals during Dean’s 2003 presidential campaign surprised the old guard in the Democratic Party. They had become accustomed to working large donations out of corporations instead of relying on individuals. They were quick to embrace this new technology to raise campaign dollars, but didn’t see the true value of its potential and it quickly lost steam.

After publication Crashing the Gate became the how-to manual of the resistance. Bloggers took responsibility into their own hands instead of waiting on the professional election losers at the DNC to put together a game plan. There is an entire chapter devoted to the worst consultants that keep getting hired by democrats to run loosing campaigns. Here is an excerpt from the Civil War chapter:

“The netroots activist, much like the new generation of grassroots activist, is fiercely partisan, fiercely multi-issue, and focused on building a broader movement. It’s not an ideological movement-there is actually very little, issue-wise, that unites most modern party activists except, perhaps opposition to the Iraq War. The days when party “leaders” could hand down edicts from above to be carried out by pliant followers are long gone. We are educated, informed, up on current events, and speak our minds, and therefore are not susceptible to falling in line and goose-stepping to autocratic drummers-inside or outside the movement.

The Obama campaign managers have reached out to actually bring new voters into the fold. Obama’s Facebook and MySpace accounts track his daily schedule and have millions of online friends who all receive updates from the candidate. With this two-way communication it makes it easy for people to understand the issues and learn about their candidate. McCain has social networking accounts as well but doesn’t utilize them or give status updates in the same frequency that Barack does. One of the best examples of using technology is the applications for Iphone, if you have an Iphone you can download the Support Obama app. It puts an icon on your menu, and gives you live updates from the campaign trail with polling data. Brilliant. Another forward thinking idea was the announcement of Biden for VP via text message the minute it was announced. This created suspense among the party loyal, and established a contact to a supporter. All of these ideas are cheaper and more effective than TV ads, which is something the Democrats have relied on far too long. Getting the base excited guarantees votes in November

The authors complain the progressive institutions and policy centers needs to pay equal to the conservative think tanks.  One reason the GOP has been so successful with unified talking points is they pay very well.  Liberal institutions usually offer unpaid internships and employment from non-profit groups.  If the DNC would unite their autonomous agencies and help fund them it would deliver an influx of high quality people. Better pay would enable interns to eat, and keep new hires from leaving to the more lucrative private sector.  Being able to move out of a shoebox apartment and paying back your student loans is sometimes more important than “the cause.”

Traditionally the republican party has been programed to identify with a simple ideology: Low taxes, moral issues, pro life, and family values have been their strategy to appeal to a wider range of voters. The days of preaching small government have given way to the biggest privatization of government services, and cost plus spending contracts that contribute to the deficit.  The GOP utilize daily talking points coming from their conservative think tanks like the Heritage foundation, to control what makes the news.  These institutions pay employees better and therefore attract some of the best and brightest. The GOP learned to run their party like a business. In comparison, the Dems organize with all the ferociousness of a citizens watch association.  The real attraction created around the republicans was their ability to enlist working poor rural voters on a moral values platform.  They need only mention loss of second amendment rights to get the dust stirred up by those who identify themselves as patriotic, religious, family people; that don’t believe their party is financed by corporations.

The party is on the eve of a great victory, and this time we are more organized and on the same page with one another.  The diversity of our party is part of its greatness, the netroorts effort that has came out in support of Obama has been huge.   The vertical integration we have seen since the Democratic primaries helps us run more efficiently as a people. Our loose collection of constituents with different issues has been streamlined and everyone is behind our man-Barak Obama. The quality of candidate is just as responsible for uniting a nation of informed and concerned citizens. The diverse party of every color, creed, and sex that can start rebuilding the future of our country.

Found Racism

22 10 2008

This is the headline photo from today’s drudge report

"Landslide like Reagan" is the caption on drudge report

The caption: “Landslide like Regan”

A black and white photo with mostly black people in it.

I think they are only using this to create a generally dark image associated with the election, maybe even show a “laying on of hands” as an extremist religion movement.