Competitive Curling and You

So some people think a fun winter olympic sport like curling is just a bunch of people playing on ice with large rocks.  I you to think how that game got its start.  Imagine a few years ago when it was ass-cold in Holland one winter, and some drunks from the pub decided it would be a great idea to slide rocks down an icy pond.  They were content with this for a few days im sure, but who’s idea was it to incorparate the little brooms?  These little brooms are available en mass nowadays in curling specialty shops everywhere.  But before there were sporting goods stores, these guys were most likely cutting up their wive’s brooms.  That people, is the part I find the most entertaining.  Drunks cutting up broom handles and then having to explain to the wife why she now has to hunch over and sweep really fast.  And now, its an Olympic sport.

I havent had my chance to cut up a broom and find choice rocks to start my own game, but the good news is with global warming in full swing I should have a glacier close enough to make a day trip out of it.


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18 11 2008

whats with the tea kettle? is is tea hate?

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