Richmond/Madison County = Massive Fail

30 01 2009

Richmond/Madison County = Massive Fail (+)

by: republicans4voldemort

Fri Jan 30, 2009 at 15:44:52 PM EST

I recently moved to Richmond from Lexington about three weeks ago.  The commute to Lexington every day was worth the few dollars saved until this week.  We lost power on my street on Tuesday and nobody will even give us an ETA on when they might come remove the tree at the end of the street that brought the line down.Every block around us has power, in fact the entire side of town has power.  The guy who has never trimed the tree in his yard has killed power for 50+ houses, all of which are new and only have central electric heat.  Thanks guy.

I had to go out and buy a gas heater that runs on LP gas $279, 60lbs of gas $100, and all the pain in the ass lines, fittings, regulators, etc to hook it up $79.  Destrying a new living room wall to install a temp fix to keep the water lines from freezing = priceless.

Tuesday morning it was a mob scene inside Lowes, TSC, and any related place that sells heaters and flashllights.  I didn’t go into Walmart because I knew better.  People fighting, running, throwing things at each other, everyone bought into the hype that impending doom is upon us.  Once I had talked to a few long time residents they told me that they went without power for 14 days following the ice storm of 2003.  Maybe the mob scene was neccessary.

Phone calls to KU and other public works will not even get answered.  The response of “hey buddy a lot of people’s power is out” is the default I should give a damn response.  My point is that ONE tree is knocking down ONE line, and if repaired 50+ houses would be off the list in a few hours, and residents could move back into their iceboxes.

It’s really depressing to drive home blinded by the street lights until your dark street comes into view.  There is usually a cop or fireman parked in front of the guys house who’s tree caused the problem.  If we could get a ladder truck parked out in front that would be great.  The problem is that they are on a two hour lunch at Applebee’s.  They go to lunch in a large group, drop everything and go eat, all of them.  So many ladder trucks and contractors in white, there is no parking.  Maybe Applebee’s is having problems with their power too?

The only advantage is the light from the houses behind and in front of us help illuminate our dark rooms at night.  Prepairing to settle in for $40 a day expense of LP gas for the next ten miserable days.

And while I’m at it, I want to send a shot over the bow of the Herald Leader and their bullshit coverage of the aftermath of the icestorm.  The UK school paper has better information about what has happend and what might happen.  The Herald Leader is holding on tight to its complete dedication to UK sports, I know some washed out player gives props to Cash Money Newton already, who can I call to get some ‘lectric? Oh wait, a brown skin person dedicated $2 million to our great big proud hospital! Drop our dogmas until the check clears.  I’ve said it many times and am reassured with each day’s printing, the Herald Leader is a terrible newspaper.

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