Whale Wars, These Eco-terrorists Should be Arrested

28 01 2009

We’ve heard of Eco-terrorists, Eco-porn, Eco-awareness, and good ol’ ecology.  What the hell are we watching on A&E?   The new series Whale Wars has reaffirmed my hatred of tree-hugging, whale-saving, environmentalist nut cases.  The shock value alone is undoubtedly why the series went to production.  The documentary film crew probably had no idea what kind of seamen they were going out with.



Eco-porn is the swag one receives by making monetary donations to wildlife preservation groups.  Calenders with baby pandas, big cats, and other adorable creatures are gifts one receives for financial donations made to these groups.  You can decorate your cubicle with images of cute creatures that would rip you in half in the wild, while giving your money to the “administration fees” of these non-profits.  These “Sea Shepard’s” as they call themselves, have a nice web page full of enviro propaganda that conflicts with the story you get from the TV show.

Terrorists exist on many levels.  Eco-terrorists like those who man the ship The Steve Irwin ARE fanatical terrorists.  I would never go out to sea with such a crew of noobs, there would be a good chance you won’t make it back to the harbor.   Imagine going to sea with a group of over zealous cub scouts, who have a mandate to put the lives of whales before that of their own crew.  If you need evidence of this, watch the second episode training session to learn how to launch Zodiac skiffs from the deck. The resulting ego contest ended in crew members becoming so upset over details of the procedure they went to their rooms to sulk.  Later several crew members were dumped into arctic waters when launching a skiff and almost froze to death before being fished out by the same incompetent crew that launched/sank them.  In a later episode the tiny boat was out of radio contact for hours after they attempted to chase down a Japanese whaling ship to serve one of their ridiculous cease and desist orders.  A skiff has little chance of survival alone on the open ocean.  The Steve Irwin is destined to have a real tragedy due to lack of experience of the Captain and crew.

Whale Wars is a perfect example of where donation money goes when you get that whale calender and matching tote bag.  Captain Crybaby (Paul Watson) lets his crew do as they please aboard the Steve Irwin, despite his long record of voyages on his bio sheet.  The exagerated Captain picks up the phone to manipulate the media when ever they get into an altercation with a whaling vessel.  In one show he claims to have been shot (despite no bullet wound) by a Japanese crewmember for trying to illegally board the ship, the  Japanese crew called this a complete fabrication.  Either way the lesson is don’t illegally board another ship, and don’t play on crewmembers emotions to do dangerous tasks that you yourself wouldnt do.  The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has a ernest and respectable mission statement, but these antics depicted on the television show are illegal and dangerous.  Wildlife preservation is important, and I think we should “save the whales” but in the words of an old bumper sticker: “Fuck the whales, save the humans”.  Nobody should die trying to interfere with a ligitimate fishing operation. With all the other problems the world faces, couldn’t this energy be focused on humanitarian efforts?