Fear and Loathing: alive and thriving in Kentucky

7 11 2008

Today was my first functioning day after the painful drive from Washington. Once arriving in Lexington I realized that there were no newspapers here either, and the mood was melancholy. 8 hours before I had been surrounded by the happiest bunch of drunks I have ever seen. I expected nothing positive from our red state, and was a large part of the reason I wanted to go to DC for election night. My Obama high was nowhere near wearing off, but I’d be assaulted by a huge redneck if I didn’t keep it to myself. Up yours red state, there is no way you can take an honest win away from us. I took a lot of shit on Tuesday for even wearing a UK sweatshirt, which had to come off immediately and stored in my backpack unless I wanted to explain myself to every random person on the street who tried to hug me.

random quote from election night:

“I just got felt up by a Dutchman, I guess our standing in the world has improved.  Blog about that Bitch!” S. O’Sullivan

When nurse Lari called me from the hospital halfway through her first shift since our holiday, she said her coworkers were in mourning from the serving McCain received Tuesday night. Talk of the 7th seal had been opened, chickens coming home to roost, rivers of blood, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria. A fundamental bunch of extreme right-wing nurses apparently work in the UK hospital, and the majority believes they should bury their paychecks, and hide in a shelter because a “Muslim” is President. All campaign season these same co-workers perpetuated the Obama is a Muslim email, and that his hidden agenda is to feed all the black people welfare so they can mooch off whitey. She claims she bit her lip and kept to herself for the duration of the 12 hour shift, she knows you can’t argue with irrational people.

This shit gets deeper. At the office this morning our UPS driver, Rodney, who happens to be a black man said he had been getting yelled at all day making his stops. He claimed people actually booed him, and some would turn their back and refuse to sign the delivery board. Keep in mind these are the same people he sees every day six days a week. He was accosted by a manager at another small minded business and forced to say he voted for Obama, and that it his win was a serious problem. “Fuck em, they’ll get over it” is all he had to say as we hugged, high-fived, and hollered like it was Tuesday night inside the safe haven of my office. I have long been hiding Obama posters on the backs of interior doors and even offered to donate the entire office to the campaign if they needed the space during the primaries.

Two of my good friends here in Lexington will not return my phone calls, and I’ve known these guys since we were in elementary school. It’s easy to see a person’s true colors when they are pushed into the unknown and are forced to break tradition.

republicans4voldemort :: Fear and Loathing – alive and thriving in Kentucky
But Just when we thought the days of living in fear and fencing ourselves in were over, this ridiculous bunch of assclowns refuse to yield. I bet the Klan must feel really impotent standing on the sidelines of social progress. Backwoods hillbillies is all the rest of the country expects from us, hell, its what were best at.  The uglyness of some of our fellow statesmen is unbelievable, yet completely expected.  We could speculate about the root cause of this disease, but any rational voice would be damned as “crazy secular liberals, just wanna take our guns.”  (please don’t fuck with my guns Barack, old assault rifles are fun to shoot)

Some members of the Kentucky Democratic Party should take a real long look at themselves and come out of the rebublican closet. I heard a quote that some upper level KDP official said he was “forced” to endorse McCain because the DNC didn’t give him anyone worth voting for. I think Howard Dean and the DNC should come down on some of our sheltered elected Democrats like the hand of god. Stir the pot and get the actual progressives in the state party to man-up and start sanctions against the guys hiding under our party banner. What the hell is there to lose? This state votes republican every time and with malice against the national candidate, that’s no party I want to be a part of.

These same gutless suckup state Dems are undoubtedly kissing McConnell’s ass since he won; to get a new project in their county so they can feel like they are “doing the work of their constituents.” You think these assholes would support President Obama? Hell no. Our embarrassing method of conducting state elections focuses on who the better hunter, fisherman, or tractor driver might be. Not who is actually qualified for the job they are seeking. Some, but not all, of our state Democratic Party is an embarrassing bunch of elected dickless wonders. But as the old saying goes-“politics are the damndest in Kentucky.”

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An Obama pumpkin smiles after it wins