Christmas Card Controversy?

11 12 2008

The war on Christmas comes to the Bluegrass state, well, sort of.  The 2008 Governor’s holiday cards were recently mailed out, and apparently somebody somebody got bumped off the mailing list.  The republican party chairman Steve Robertson is looking into the matter that the Beshear’s family cards might have been paid for by the KDP.  The Registry of Election Finance claims that no holiday cards can’t be paid for using parties funds if the picture on the card only has that parties members.  In other words, If the Governor’s cards of him and Ernie Fletcher holder hands in front of the Christmas tree, that would be OK to pay for that using KDP funds.  We will have to wait and see how far Mr. Scrooge, er, Mr. Robertson and the Sith will be willing to drag this one out.

The Governor has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow at 10am to explain to everyone how broke the Commonwealth is, and that a 4% spending cut in the budget is going to happen.  I doubt he addresses the Christmas card issue, but we shall see.  Check the card out here: