How Guitar Hero explains the world

26 03 2008

“Arent you a little old to be playing video games?”Most women hate video games, this comes as no shock to a few of you. It’s been made clear time after time, no matter what game I might have been playing on whatever the platform. Didn’t matter, just turn that shit off! The only exception was Grand Theft Auto Vice City, the 80’S soundtrack helped mask the violence.

After your maturatity has been called into question one will usually save the game, lay down the controller, and turn off the console, and walk away trying to not look too disgusted about having to take out the trash or whatever.

By now most have played this game would agree that its a phenomenon that transcends gender and age. The songs are good, the involvement better. A plastic guitar is all it takes to convert me to rockstar. If there were only Rage songs on the game that would be fine by me. I like to bounce, headbang and work the guitar, standing up of course.